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The Conga Rhythm in Santiago de Cuba

The Conga Rhythm in Santiago de Cuba, contagious and mainly popular rhythm. It’s a rhythm of groups in which characteristic musical instruments intervene, those that indispensably should be present to achieve the sonority and rhythmic necessary to injects the human body a type of adrenaline that makes move the feet without rest until this one stop.

La Conga with a complete dark history and practically unknown origin, it’s for the Cubans a transcendental event with a meaning very well defined. When the word “conga” is mentioned, if it had said: ENJOY YOURSELF!

La conga is the most widespread artistic manifestation in Santiago de Cuba and it’s said that it was arising in a spontaneous way with the own development of the carnival.

The Patron Saint of the City of Santiago de Cuba was Santiago Apostle. In his honor, during the colonial time, July 25 were carried out religious festivities that it had as starting point the celebration of a mass in the Cathedral. Once concluded this the religious processions began by the streets around to the clerical institution. At the end of the XVII century the authorities decided to incorporate to the African slaves to this festivity so that they also will pay tribute to Santiago Apostle.

It was as well as these celebrations, in its beginnings of marked character religious, were transforming into pagans.

In La conga a group of players with drums, bells, Chinese bugle and other instruments, takes behind of them, for kilometers and kilometers, thousands’ hundreds of people that they goes dancing rhythmically with this rythm. It is a heterogeneous group of people that it doesn't needs a specify dresses neither choreography and they go improvising any refrains in spontaneous way.

Traditionally las congas are visited one each another, and for any reason, not necessarily during the carnival, they plays on the street. They goes out from their own headquarters and after traveling all their territory they unite to other congas like a friendly invasion.

How to love Santiago de Cuba without their congas? How not to be moved with the drum touch and the Chinese bugle? I believe that there is not to have born for not feeling the contagious rhythm of La Conga, because still being dead, Oriental Conga or Conga Santiaguera makes you resuscitate.