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Sindo Garay

Antonio Gumersindo Garay y García, well-known as Sindo Garay (Santiago de Cuba, April 12 1867 - July 17 1968) was a Cuban musician that, even without having academic formation, he has managed to win an excellent place in the traditional trova.

He was creator of more than 600 works that depict the Cuban idiosyncrasy; among his themes he highlight his admiration for the homeland, landscapes, women and love.

Sindo  Garay

Among his creations we find: Amargas verdades, Mujer bayamesa, Guarina, La tarde, Perla, Retorna y Tormento fiero.

Several of his creations have a political content.

During his childhood he acted like link of the mambí colonel José Maceo.

Also for then he knew to José Martí, for what he would include in his repertoire the poem Semblanza de Martí, based on the meeting that he had with the same one.

Outstanding and noted Sindo Garay died in the second half from the XX century with 101 year old.