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Compay Segundo

Máximo Francisco Repilado Muñoz. (Siboney, November 18 1907 - Havana, July 14 2003). It was musician and Cuban composer of world wide trajectory.

He fulfilled be a popular composer and interpreter, very well-known among the Cuban music's lovers. He began playing the guitar, the clarinet and the bongo. He was the inventor of the harmonic, an instrument of seven strings, between the Spanish guitar and the cuban three. He also played the tumbadora.

Francisco Repilado, Compay Segundo

Compay Segundo started his musical career being very young, when composed his first songs and played in musical groups of Santiago de Cuba with his acquaintance harmonic. But he received the international fame in 1997 with his participation in the disk Buena Vista Social Club, which he won several Grammy Awards. Compay Segundo appeared in the movie of the same name carried out later by Wim Wenders.

In the last years Compay Segundo had public performances in front of millions of spectators and it recorded nine disks. He couldn’t complete his dream of arriving to the 106 year old, (in which his grandmother died). He died in Havana due to a kidney failure with 95 years.

The most important single songs in Compay Segundo is "Chan Chan."

Records released:
• 1942-1955

  • "Sentimiento Guajiro"
  • "Cantando en el Llano"
  • "Compay Segundo y Compay Primo"
  • "Mi Son Oriental"
  • "Los Reyes del Son"
  • "Los Compadres"

• 1956-1995

  • "Balcón de Santiago"
  • "Balcón de Santiago - Reedición"
  • "Saludo, Compay"

• 1996-2002

  • "Cien Años de Son"
  • "Son del Monte"
  • "Buena Vista Social Club"
  • "Antologia" (1997)
  • "Lo Mejor de la Vida"
  • "Calle Salud" 1999
  • "Yo Soy del Norte"
  • "Antologia" (2001)
  • "Las Flores de la Vida"
  • "Duets" (2002)

• 2007

  • "Cien Años. 100th Birthday Celebration”(3CD+DVD)