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Enramadas Street

Enramadas street for the moment is the longer one of the Santiago de Cuba city, and the one that has most of commercial establishments.

Enramada Street

In their beginnings only a sidewalk existed that led to the beach from what is today the Padre Pico street until Gallo street, and it was known with the name of Camino de la Palya or Camino del Mar; later she was named San Luis.

In 1603 the starting layout of the street is made, with the objective to link Santa Ana's Hermitage with the Cathedral, skirting round the Fuerte de San Francisco, built in 1542.

The introduction of the electric illumination in 1906 what gave the development touch to this artery, since starting from then it began to traffic the tram (1908) up to 1952 in that it was eliminated.

La Calle Enramada had a lot to do with the cultural development of the city. In the theaters that it had, Heredia and that of La Reina (today Oriente) showed up the best theater companies and opera of the time.

In this street important centers like La Audiencia were located, El Colegio de Abogados, El Diario de Cuba, as well as several Banks.

Enramadas, continue being an emblematic street, the principal and more populous of this city.