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The Fire Festival

The Fire Festival with headquarters in Santiago de Cuba is a great popular party of the dance and folklore. It does celebrate annually. This international colloquy that is carried out in the month of July, in this Caribbean city, comprise conferences, panels and academic shops that turn on the different cultural expressions of the region.

Weeklong it's developed a noisy street party, well-known as La Fiesta del Fuego, where the most interesting characteristic in this party is the carnival, taken by all the streets of the city staying most of the time until the morning’s early hours.

The party offers all kind of show: traditional bands and music, as much as sound systems that plays the most international popular dancing music; processions with coaches and curiously-attired dancers; all kinds of foodstuffs being sold from stalls (pork products are particularly popular), and of course, the beer and the rum should not lack. Children can take rides in little carts pulled by goats, or in miniature trains.