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Santiago de Cuba is characterized by cultural traditions very connoted due to his African-Hispanic roots of centuries and previous stages.

As event, already very traditional and devote of the santiaguera culture we can point out the Fiesta del Fuego (The Fire Festival) where they are reflected an entire group of traditions that it have given place nowadays to the current and traditional culture of the town of Santiago de Cuba.

It’s not unnecessary to mention that this oriental city, very well made up geographical and industrially, it has suffered waste for the sudden attack of natural diverse phenomenon, facts that it have forced her to look for economic market inside and outside of the Island.

Herein where arises, the already well-known internationally EXPOCARIBE trade fair, considered the second commercial market of the country, where local industries gives to know to the rest of the country and the nearby the area’s countries of the Caribbean their quality products.

Santiago de Cuba is, besides a tourist and of traditions city, a business city that she goes in ascent each year looking for preserves her own identity.