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Antonio Maceo Revolution Square

The Antonio Maceo Revolution Square is considered the most outstanding monumental in the XX century executed in the city. It is located to the entrance of the city of Santiago de Cuba. In this place is erected with 16 meters height the highest statue in the whole country in honor to the hero Antonio Maceo Grajales.

Plaza de la  Revolución, Antonio MaceoPlaza de la  Revolución, Antonio Maceo

More than 53000 square meters takes up this place. It is a monumental group that besides the equestrian work with the figure of Maceo, it is supplemented by 23 machetes that raise up, upright, and representing March 23 1878, date when the independece fight was renewed after the Protesta de Baraguá.

The Square of the Revolution Antonio Maceo Grajales also has the area of the Eternal Flame in memory of the martyrs. Here it exhibits two distinctions that only this historical city possesses: the Star of Hero of the Republic of Cuba and the Order Antonio Maceo; a tribune in which 2 000 people can meet; the Living room of Protocol, with their showy vitral, and a room of Holographic Exhibition, in which personal objects of General Antonio can be appreciated next to maps, documents and pictures.

Antonio Maceo's statue is a work of the santiaguero sculptor Alberto Lescay, while the 23 machetes came out thanks to the creation of the well-known artist of the plastic santiaguera, Guarionex Ferrer.

From the same moment of its inauguration, October 14 1991, with the Cuban leader Fidel Castro presence, this place is part of the history of this City, because successively it has been scenario of popular parades, our best artists' presentations and other political, social and cultural outstanding events of the second more important city of the Cuban nation.